Shakti Yoga

Like how we need to choose or develop our own style of Yoga, we also need to customize the practice depending on our gender. Most of the Yoga classes available today conveniently oversee the ‘unique needs of women. Right from the choice of colors, perfumes, outfits, etc., there is a sea of differences in the needs, perceptions, and lives of men and women.

A woman, in general, since ages, performs multi-tasking akin to a magician, wearing various hats like a child, sibling, mother, wife, etc., In this day and age, the addition to her portfolio is her corporate life. Their lives are emotionally demanding as well, thereby draining their mental energy that is divided between the various thrust and volunteered responsibilities that life throws at them.

At the body level, she experiences more physiological changes and it manifests in her physical body. Their appointment with hormonal changes determines their BMI ratio, and daily moods as well as impact their monthly cycles. Such drastic variation is unknown to men’s world : )

Given this background, it is imperative that women start to appreciate their uniqueness and learn as well as practice Yoga processes that suit their stage and need in life. This is the precise need that resulted in the design and development of Shakti Yoga.

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