Prana & Pranayama

Finishing School

aims to provide knowledge and in-depth experience in a select few areas of the Yoga system. Open only to Yoga Alliance Certified teachers, these programs are rooted in the Satyananda Yoga tradition & Siddha traditions that Shrimath is connected to… On completion, one can feel the change in perspective and confidence.

In ‘Prana & Pranayama,’ the aspirants learn to activate, work and align their prana with the cosmic prana through a series of practices aimed at giving them a first hand experience and insight!

What to expect in Prana & Pranayama?

A deeper understanding of cosmic life force, Prana, and the Mudras as well as the rituals associated with it. We also would share the practice of Kumbhaka and the suggested way to practice it in your daily Yoga routine. The ratios in Pranayama as taught in the spiritual traditions of India would be laid bare, with ample scope to practice each of these ratios would be enabled.

This program is for you, if you

would love to deepen your pranayama self-practice

would like to incorporate rituals that enhance prana shakti

wish to experience deeper awareness of oneself

wish to experience lightness of the body and clutter free mind

What to expect more?

A gentle introduction to Yoga Nidra, selections from various ancient texts on Pranayama that would enable deeper understanding of Prana and Pranayama. Introduction to Bandhas (psychic locks), practice of a Kriya (cleansing technique), and THE Mantra meditation connected with Pranayama. We can assure you that at the end of the program, you would be armed with unique and in-depth inputs on Prana & Pranayama. 

What not to expect?

You are required to practice a 60 to 75 minute Yogasana module by yourself. This could be your regular daily practice. We would provide suggestions, if you need but no hand holding or physical presence of Shrimath team during your practice. These FINISHING SCHOOL programs are only for those who are self-empowered.

Course Details


7 days (residential) 

For course dates kindly contact us

Course Fee


INR 21,000 (Ind.) USD 350 (others)

What do our Students Say...

"Yoga is more than just postures and this is a fundamental of Shrimath. They share the sacred knowledge of yoga and how to implement this is your life regardless of where you come from. Life changing knowledge and teachings to say the least. The knowledge that is passed on is direct from source."
Kieran Shiv