Mantra Yoga

Mantra is one of the most used words today. Not just in the field of spirituality (read Yoga) but even the corporate world and business writers have taken a special liking to this word. Maybe the core meaning of the word ‘mantra’ (means protection) inspired them to use it. Sanskrit is perhaps the only living language that has meaning to each alphabet used in each of its words. In English, ‘kat and ‘cat’ are pronounced the same. The latter has a meaning but the former does not. In another instance, the word ‘read’ is used in the past tense too. This is not to promote Sanskrit and demote English. The very medium of this blog is English. It is to debate stupidly to decide whether mother or father, is the greatest. It’s a futile exercise. Each language has its own purpose to exist. As English is for external communication today, Sanskrit (read mantras) is for internal communication. The very idea of ‘communication’ is transformation.

One of the holistic spiritual approaches to life today is available in the form of the system of Yoga. And it is in this ancient ever relevant system, the mantra is used extensively to re-engineer, transform and re-set our very personality. Not all of us across ages can do postures and breathing practices cannot be practiced at all places and at all times but mantras can be practiced by one and all, at all times. From a child to those physically challenged, can benefit immensely from mantra yoga. All one needs is the ability to pronounce the mantra right. Now, coming back to the core meaning of the mantra i.e. protection. It protects whom? Simple. It protects the one who meditates upon it. ‘Man’ means ‘mind’ and ‘tra’ means ‘to protect.’ We leave it to the readers to ponder more on the word ‘mantra.’ and what it can do to us. Namaste!

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