Inner Silence

Perhaps knowing fully well the vagaries of today’s life, Swami Satyananda gave us ‘Antar Mouna’ ie inner silence. This practice belongs to the 5th limb of Yoga, pratyahara i.e. withdrawal, but has the potential to lead us into deeper realms of meditation.

If you say YES to one or many of the below, then Antar Mouna is for you…

  • I get easily disturbed by happenings around me
  • I would like to develop the attitude of a witness
  • I wish to sharpen my sensory perceptions
  • I wish to develop the ability to listen to myself and others
  • I wish to deepen my meditation

The ability to be resilient to situations and people around, and at the same time lead a reasonably peaceful life is a need today. This is equally true for the world within. Unless we have the courage to observe and release our thoughts, they are suppressed and released exponentially at an inopportune time as powerful emotions. This is not only valid for those who wish to tread the path of spirituality but also for those who are pursuing their corporate / business goals as well.

Antar Mouna is in many ways a perfect launch pad to stabilize and deepen our meditation sittings. Starting from external impetus, we gradually learn to manage the internal impetus i.e. our thoughts! Apart from helping us to meditate better and deeper, practice and perfection of Antar Mouna results in emotional stability deepens our awareness results in the refinement of our perceptions, and assists us in graduating towards a meaningful as well as peaceful life.

If any of the answers to the questions at the start of this article is yes then when time permits you can explore possibilities to study and practice Antar Mouna with us. At Shrimath Yoga, you will also undergo a systematic combination of Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Kriya(s), Mudras, and Mantra that facilitate Antar Mouna.

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