Creating YOUR style of Yoga :)

Right from schooling, most of us are trained to conform to group thinking. Rarely do parents or teachers allow their wards’ to express creativity or individuality. Questioning is not greatly encouraged though a minority of schools/teachers and parents permit so.

When we grow up too, most of us wish to be taken care of by someone (partner and/or employer!); and are more comfortable working as per a pre-decided job profile. Keeping this trend, even while choosing a dress or accessory, to be on the safer side, we wish to follow a brand or a celebrity’s recommendation.

Extending this analysis, we also end up choosing one style of Yoga over another style of Yoga based on our perception and feedback on these styles. Our perception and feedback need not be right as most of us equate Yoga to a set of movements akin to ‘just’ body-level exercises and draw parallel to a gym routine. Also, we readily mortgage our thinking for various reasons. One reason is the decision to just follow the trend or the current fad.

This is where an understanding and experiencing Yoga from a traditional perspective comes in handy. In any tradition, not only Eastern, any practice is customized to the practitioner’s level, age, need, environment and circumstances. Many styles of Yoga do not allow customization because the‘ batch processing’ of yogis(!) will not commercially viable. Thus before choosing a style of Yoga, be clear that it suits your level, age, need environment, and circumstances.

At Shrimath Yoga, we are always glad to place in touch, with each practitioner, with the principles and process as outlined in the ancient ever relevant spiritual tradition, then assist the yogi to assemble their own set of processes from the system of Yoga-like asana, pranayama, Yoga Nidra, mantra, mudra, kriya, bandha, etc., thereby creating their own style. It is as good as visiting a tailor shop to stitch a garment that FITS than a ‘ready made’ purchase. We welcome you to experience the difference between FIT and READY MADE!

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