Yama & Niyama

Yama and Niyama are popularly interpreted as social and personal codes respectively. Yoga is a holistic system and true to its meaning, it gives inputs to develop ourselves into holistic personalities by introducing us to the foundations of Yoga at the very start. Most of us associate Yoga with postures alone. But Patanjali in his …

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Shakti Yoga

Like how we need to choose or develop our own style of Yoga, we also need to customize the practice depending on our gender. Most of the Yoga classes available today conveniently oversee the ‘unique needs of women. Right from the choice of colors, perfumes, outfits, etc., there is a sea of differences in the …

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Mantra Yoga

Mantra is one of the most used words today. Not just in the field of spirituality (read Yoga) but even the corporate world and business writers have taken a special liking to this word. Maybe the core meaning of the word ‘mantra’ (means protection) inspired them to use it. Sanskrit is perhaps the only living …

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